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Data Insiders is a place to share knowledge, enable positive business outcomes, and maximize value of BackOffice Associates products for all members. To ensure the best collective experience of the community, we ask that all Data Insiders observe the below guidelines:

  1. Be professional and courteous. Data Insiders is a professional community for sharing ideas. Negativity and/or harsh language will not be tolerated.
  2. Be authentic. Create an account with your company’s email address, and represent yourself accurately in your user profile. GMail, Yahoo, AOL, and other personal email addresses are not allowed. Don’t copy other people’s content, and give credit to sources where it is due.
  3. Search before posting. This makes better use out of the community by not having the same topics discussed in different areas.
  4. Stay on topic. Don’t post a new question in an existing question as a reply - instead, start a new topic. Additionally, please avoid using Data Insiders to market external products and/or services.
  5. Don’t violate license terms. Customizations to delivered BackOffice Associates applications are not permitted under the license terms. Any posts suggesting unsupported customizations to delivered applications will be removed.
  6. Open a support ticket when needed. The Q&A sections should be for general questions and/or assistance. If you are experiencing a specific issue and you represent a maintenance-paying customer, please open a support ticket for more immediate assistance. Please note: BackOffice solution partner (SAP and Infor) customers should contact their respective solution partner to open a support ticket.
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Any violation of these rules could subject your post to deletion and/or disablement of your user account. BackOffice Associates reserves the right to amend or change Rules of Conduct at any time without notice. By using the community you agree to periodically review rules to ensure you are in compliance. 

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